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Mark Twain Grows Attendance and Fights the Dip

Last year, Mark Twain Elementary set a goal to raise attendance to 92.1%. They didn’t just meet their goal – they exceeded it! This year they are working hard to top it once again.

So far, they are on track to accomplish it. Their attendance is currently at 93.6%. In fact, through the first quarter of this school year, 163 Mark Twain students had a 96% or higher attendance rating. 

These achievements are a product of several initiatives. Mark Twain has worked with Impact Tulsa and the district attendance committee. Also, the school has been doing weekly and monthly attendance incentives, such as free dress days and holiday parties.

Mark Twain also recognizes students with perfect and improved attendance. Understanding perfect attendance is hard, it’s essential to award student effort, students get sick, and things may occur that are out of their control. 

Perhaps the most significant step the school has made was investing in an Attendance Facilitator. The facilitator has a lot of responsibilities, from tracking data to leading initiatives, but the most important thing the school has done is to connect with families. 

“Having someone to check in with our families and spreading the message that attendance matters is so important. Someone to let our families know we want to see them daily, and we are here to support them is invaluable,” said Principal Angie Teas.  

It isn’t a secret that attendance declines in the days leading up to a school break. This dip may be due to families wanting to leave early for travel, weather conditions, or families out late celebrating the holidays. No matter the reason, it is essential for students to be in class every day.

“We’ve changed our way of planning events. We try to address both having a good time and encouraging creative thinking and learning. We want to leverage these things to increase attendance,” said Angie. 

Mark Twain wants to encourage students to be in school, but also provide an environment where they can celebrate together. This is how the school is working to grow attendance and fight the seasonal dip. 

Join us Tuesday, November 20th, 2019, for the 1st quarter award assembly. Assembly for 3rd-6th graders will begin at 9 a.m. The pre-k-2nd-grade assembly will start at 1:15 p.m. we hope to see you there!

Please visit the Tulsa Public Schools attendance page for more information.